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3"x110yd Natural Rubber Adhesive Clear Carton Sealing Tape 1.6 Mil

3"x110yd        Premium Natural Rubber Adhesive
                            Clear Carton Sealing Tape 1.8 Mil

      This tape offers positive bonding on "problem"  applications.

  • Works on high recycled content cartons, rough ultra smooth cartons and dusty,humid enviroments.
  • Biaxially-oriented polypropylene film gives strength to the tape.
  • Film coated with pressure sensitive solvent natural rubberr adhesive.
  • Color clear but has a golden color on the roll.

Reliable all temperature instant grip 0-150 degrees

24rls/cs             17#/cs

Tape, Carton Sealing Tape,Tan Tape, Clear Tape
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