Picture of Stick Stapler

Stick Stapler

DS-3219 Pneumatic

Bostitch DS-3219 Pneumatic C- Staple Stick Box Closer

  • Drives 5/8" and 3/4" "C" crown Staples to cover most applications
  • Easy load magazine designed for high production environments
  • Easy jam release desidned to decrease downtime
  • Fast staple clinch, depth and length adjustment desifned for ease of use
  • Full cycle actuation designed for maximum speed
  • Anti-gracity hanger eronomically desifned for faster production
  • 120 Staple Capacity 
7 lbs. Shipping Wt.
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Pneumatic Stick Stapler Bostitch
Top Closer, Stick, CST
$339.00 (USD)