Better Pack® 555eS Electric Tape Machine

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555eS Better Pack® Electric Tape Machine

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The Better Pack 555eS tape machine was introduced in 1989 is the newest standard in water activated gummed tape Corrugated carton sealing systems. 

It took the experience of 100 years to produce the worlds most used carton sealing machine.

Better Pack has one customer that has over 18,000 unit in use for last 10 years.

The BP555eS is UL approved as well as having and average life of sixteen years. 

  • It has a two year warranty showing Better Packages believes in the quality of its products.
  • The largest e-commerce company feels so strongly about this machine that they standardized on it for most of their shipping systems.


Lead time on Better Pack Tape Machines is 2 to 4 weeks


 32 lbs Shipping Weight

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