E-1 Evolution

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E-1  Evolution Electronic Series 

The Phoenix E-1 Evolution is an absolute workhorse with the added functionality of on-demand printing. With features like front-mounted keypad, self oiling cutter, thermostat controllable heater and a uniform three brush moistening system.  The Phoenix E-1 Evolution is ideal for most packaging applications. The continuous bottom edge crimp gives stability. The tape delivery system delivers tape with a smooth precise feed. Utility top is great for those easily misplaced items like markers, pens, carton knives, handstamps etc.

Phoenix Evolution Series incorporates all the benefits of water activated tape with the capabilities of on demand inkjet printing.

The Phoenix Evolution Series upgrades our Elctronic Series with amazing upgrades that include; On-Demand Printing,  Auto increment of Date & Time, 100 Message Storage, Multiple Font Sizes and so much more!  The Evolution Series is perfect for a wide variety of packaging applications.  On-demand printing gives your shipping department the ability to add key information or branding to any package at the touch of a button.  For the ultimate in security fully customizable at the touch of a button. Prints single or double lines of code, ideal for date coding, batch identification, packer information, customer part and purchase order information.

 The benefits of ink jet printing and water activated tape:

  • Custom Branding
  • Better Tracking
  • Efficient Shipping Communication


33 lbs Shipping Weight

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