Heavy-Duty Double Wall Boxes Easy Load Cargo Containers - 350#DW/ECT-51 - 5/bdl

SKU: AF301717

Heavy-Duty Corrugated Boxes - Easy Load Cargo Container

Fold down the flap for convenient loading and unloading!

Heavy-Duty construction provides greater protection and stacking strength.

  • 14" perforated flap on front side of container folds down for easy access to contents.
  • Shortened container height prevents back strain and other injuries.
  • Flap can be straightened and secured with tape after loading is complete.
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty 350# DW/ECT-51 double wall Kraft corrugated.
  • Lid (GAYLORDLID) sold separately.
  • Pallet not included.
  • Special Half Slotted Container (HSC).
  • Sold and shipped flat in bundle quantities.
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