Item 14352 - 24"x30" 4mil VCI Bags Layflat on rolls DEFENDER™

SKU: 24x30vci

VCI Layflat Bags 4 Mil 24" x 30"


On Rolls DEFENDER 3 layer film

250 bags per roll                       

  • DEFENDER - Innovative rust prevention bags combining the benefit of VCI with multi-layer barrier film for clean,safe and easy to use packaging of metal products.
  • Due to the unique film construction, the DEFENDER film can be down gauged 25% from standard mono-extruded film for a cost savings
  • Standard Blue VCI Tint

          (Min.order) 1 roll                  (Max order)  20 rolls  for delivered freight.

Material Multi-Layer Construction Blending ARMOR VCI with barrier properties.

Bottom seal

Shelf Life
2 years, when properly stored.

Store at room temperature. Avoid storage in direct sunlight.

Regulatory Status Meets all REACH and RoHS Requirements.
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