ASC500PB HD Pneumatic Arm Tray Stapler "A"


ASC500PB-HD  Pneumatic Arm Tray Stapler  "A" 


The machine is intended for continuous use in packaging departments and industrial applications.


Packaging staples offer added security versus packaging tape 
Packaging staples offer added support for heavy boxes. 

In almost all cases, packaging staples are less expensive than pressure sensitive tape. 
Packaging staples work great in cold environments where packaging tape is not effective.

Uses "A" Staple  1-3/8 " Crown x 5/8" or 3/4"  Leg Length      

"A" Staple indicates 1-3/8" Crown


Weight 93 lb

Approx. Ht 50"


Tray Stapling

Works great for box closing, box trays & lids & packaging

Uses these fasteners  1-3/8"x 5/8"  & 1-3/8 "x 3/4" wide crown staples

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