ASC550H-HD Manual Box Stapler "C"


ASC550H-HD Manual Box Stapler "C"

Uses these staples: 

C58 Wide Crown Staples (1 1/4" Crown x 5/8" Leg)

C34 Wide Crown Staples (1 1/4" Crown x 3/4" Leg)

The ASC carton closer has separate adjustments for depth of drive and tightness of clinch. These adjustments afford the ability to perform both blind and through clinching.

Length: 14 in. 
Width: 4 in. 
Height: 7 in. 
Weight: 4.5 lbs. 
Magazine Capacity: 120 staples 
Staple Leg Length: 5/8"-3/4"

Works great for box closing

"C" Staples indicates 1-1/4" crown

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