EP-5978 Semi-Auto Battery Powered/Manual Cut Kraft Paper Crumpler Dispenser

SKU: EP5978

EP-5978 Semi-Automatic Battery Powered/Manual Cut Kraft Paper Dispenser

  • This one-of-a-kind battery powered semi-automatic kraft paper dispenser features an ergonomic industrial solid steel design and is easily angled and height adjustable.
  • Unit comes with an EP595524 (24" Kraft Paper Crumpler Dispenser with Idler System) - does not need to be purchased separately.  $296 VALUE
  • Designed with a robust stand equipped with four lockable 5" metal casters for mobility, making the void-fill process convenient and easy.
  • Select a custom automatic feed length and trigger dispensing with foot pedal or push button.
  • Utilizes 24" 40# basis weight kraft paper - can accommodate up to two rolls.
  • Features a built-in serrated cutter for manual shearing of paper.
  • Battery powered for complete mobility on your factory floor.

***BATTERY (E1260-28-D) & CHARGER (E1260-58) SOLD SEPARATELY***

155# EACH

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