Take-A-Label TAL-40M Manual Label Dispenser

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TAKE-A-LABEL TAL-40M Manual Label Dispenser

The TAL-40M is a 20" wide double decker manual dispenser.  If you are using several different labels, this is your solution.

General Overview:

The all steel and aluminum construction of the Model TAL-40M provides the performance necessary for the most demanding applications.  When no electricity is available, and multiple labels need to be dispensed on a common unit, the TAL-40M will simplify and organize your labeling operation.

Standard Features:

Label Roll Diameter up to 8"
Durable All Steel Frame with Powder Coat Finish
Dispenses Die-cut or Butt-cut Labels
Accommodates Multiple Rolls of Labels

TAL-40M Specifications:

Roll Web Capacity Up to 40"
Two 20" Webs In One Unit
Label Core Size: 1" and 3"

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