Take-A-Label TAL-250 Electric Label Dispenser (with Photo Eye)

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TAKE-A-LABEL TAL-250 Electric Label Dispenser (with Photo Eye)

The TAL-250 upgraded with a photo eye.  The addition of the photo eye replaces the mechanical trip wire system for detecting the dispensed label.  This improves reliability and longevity of the unit.

General Overview:

Using the 'standard' all steel and aluminum construction of the complete line, the Model TAL-250 provides the power and performance necessary for the most demanding applications.

Utilizing a vertical peel plate the operator can easily visually inspect the label prior to removal and in one swipe remove a label of up to 8".  No need to wait for the label to pass under peel bas.  The unit also features an adjustable unwind tensioning system to control the resistance applied to the supply roll of labels.

Standard Features:
  • Full Scrap Rewind with Quick Start/Removal Feature
  • Label Roll Diameter Up to 12"
  • Durable All Steel Frame with Powder Coat Finish
  • Heavy-Duty Motor with Built In Overload Protection
  • Dispenses Die-cut or Butt-cut Labels
TAL-250 Specifications:
  • Shipping Weight:  20 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements:  110V AC or 230AC
  • Min. and Max. Liner Width:  3/8" to 2.5"
  • Maximum Label Size:  2.5" x 25"
  • Maximum Roll Diameter:  12"
  • Core Size:  1" or 3" Diameter
  • Unit Dimensions:  W 12" x H 13" x L 20" 
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