USED M-1 Phoenix® Water Activated Tape Machine

SKU: M1USED425880

USED M-1 Manual Phoenix® Tape Machine

  • Like all Phoenix® tape machine equipment the Phoenix M-1 is built to create efficiency in your shipping department. The Phoenix Manual Series will dispense in a single pull or any desired length is achieved with multiple pulls of the handle. Like all Phoenix® equipment the Phoenix M-1 is built to crank through the big jobs and is built using steel construction with baked enamel finish to prevent corrosion. It even has a utility top that stores markers, carton knives, hand stamps etc.
  • Delivers evenly moistened tape
  • Smooth precise manual feed
  • Utility designed top to store markers, utility knives, and stamps
  • Rugged construction and attractive design
  • Used in warehouse for 1 year.

25 lbs. Shipping Weight

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